Take a peak inside the earth, and learn about the rocks and minerals that make up the foundations of the world itself. Our Mineral Room hosts an impressive collection of rocks and minerals, boasting not only a thorough display of local varieties but also an array of minerals found the world over, hearkening back to a time when the world was a very different place, and Bancroft was not so far away from Scotland or Morocco. You’ll also learn about the history of geology, the human study of rocks and how they form, and mining, one of the most important historical industries to our region. Woolly Mammoth fossils, locked deer skulls, and a vintage taxidermy display take you through the natural world of North Hastings prior to human settlement.
The Mineral Room is also home to our mascot, Lucy, a leucistic raccoon. She is very old and loves to play hide and seek, so keep an eye out for her around the museum because she might not always be in the same place…

Virtual Tour:

Mr Hing Lum evaluated the museum’s collection. He stated that it is a very good collection for Rockhounds because the specimens are very similar to the ones that collectors would find in the field.