After touring through the deep prehistory of the earth in our Mineral Room, the next logical step is to keep journeying onward through time and find out how people got here. Although a majority of the items in this gallery are local, this room does feature an array of artifacts spanning time and space to paint a very grand picture of the human settlement of North America, which contextualizes our local cultures. Fur pelts, 3 real full-sized canoes, all kinds of cultural and ceremonial paraphernalia and tools abound here.
There is also a strong thread of tradition in this room. This room features items made as recently as a few years ago, and also features the oldest man-made object ever found in North Hastings: a single arrowhead used by an early wandering caribou hunter. There is no consensus about exactly how old it is, with some authorities stating it to be 8,000 years old, and some authorities stating it to be 10,500 years old or more.

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